World’s first

Robotic Chai Maker

Talk to Arya and make your custom chai using real ingredients and your recipe.

Boiled Chai

Made exactly like “Ghar Wali” Chai

Your Flavor

Custom chai made with your specific recipe.

Voice Builder

Talk to Arya and make your chai


Share your recipe with others

Time Saver

Custom Chai made faster

Consistent Taste

Your recipe delivers same taste every time

Smart Device

Remote monitoring to identify a problem before it occurs.

Endless Flavours

Using variety of Ingredients and recipe styles

How does it work?

Make your Chai Recipe from a phone or by talking to Arya.
Choose ingredients and quantity as per your taste.
Arya will cook it for you using 100% natural ingredients and fresh milk.

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Recent Experiences

Watch your Chai made LIVE

From your computer or phone, watch how you chai is being made

Fresh Ingredients

Arya uses real ingredients like elaichi, cinnamon, ginger and fresh milk.

Fresh Ingredients

Arya uses real ingredients like elaichi, cinnamon, ginger and fresh milk.

Recipe Builder

Choose ingredients, quantity, mixing order and boil count to make a perfect recipe

About Us

In 2016, a team of Artificial Intelligence experts, Industrial Automation, and IoT engineers collaborated to solve the chai problem with IoT. After 2 years of efforts, a production-ready robot that is being installed in offices to make custom chai using real ingredients is ready.

HiArya Automation is a deep technology company inventing intelligent robots that can make authentic beverages and food products through simplicity and automation. Arya is our first product.

Every individual has a preference for how they want their Chai to taste. Chai is an essential beverage that keeps a person active, energetic, focused and productive.

Making a good cup of Chai takes time and skills. We have built the world’s first Robotic Chai Maker that uses fresh and real ingredients and your custom recipe.

We are a technology and a food enthusiast company based out of Gurgaon, India.

Perfect Flavor, anytime, anywhere.


Arya wins Nasscom Emerge 50, 2018 awards. Read more


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Unit 1501, Unitech Cyber Park, Sector 39, Gurgaon Haryana 122002 | | +91-9953870560

Connect with us | +91-9953870560